Saturday, November 19, 2005


Remembering b'days was never my forte. This past year I have been especially guilty. One important b'day I missed in September was my blogs'. I mean 10th in 2004, I guess, was the day I decided to display my dirty linen to public.
Anyway, one year it has been and more, since getwastedatsams has started displaying the waste that sometimes plagues my mind. One year, and it is still not showing any signs of maturing. There is a serious dearth of worthwhile ideas, poetic prose or any structure. It seems more comfused about what it wants to say than I am right now. Still, I hope it lives on. Like the father of a toddler I expect development with time, the sooner the better ofcourse, yet I love it in its present form. Afterall its my child.

I don't wish belated b'days, but just to let you know you're thought about.


No snow yet!

When I came here I was expecting to be moving from a reality show to a post card. It still hasn’t snowed here. But it sure is different.
Can’t believe it, I have traveled halfway across the earth in shorter time than I had to when I went home from Allahabad (forget Bangalore) during my summer breaks.
Rain greeted me both in Paris as well as Philadelphia. I didn’t mind, it was cold and windy, close to what I expected.
It gets lonely here sometimes, and I can’t go out for a walk whenever I feel like too. Nobody walks here. They even fine you if you try to.
Food also will be a problem here. There are not enough options to eat outside. Will have to force myself to cook!
Work will be my only savior while I wait for the snow.


Monday, November 14, 2005

Life or something like that

This will probably be my last entry from India for a while. Am leaving for Philadelphia tomorrow. Heard its very cold out there. We'll see about that. Did a lot of shopping for the journey this last week, and talked a lot to ma and pa about stuff in general. They are happy for me, but sad about me being away for so long. Dada has been sulking the last few days but that probably does not have to do with my departure.

Got a chance to get updates on some of my old engineering friends this past week. It seems Sher Khan has cracked all the public sector exams there were to crack, and now is living his dream of a lifetime of relaxation on the tax payers money. Dogra was one of the seven engineers selected on a national basis for the indian navy's design corp, and has already become a leiutenant (pardon my french) and privy to national secrets. Bhatti has cracked GMAT with a 730 score and with his background should manage one of Harvard, Stanford or Michigan. Speaking of which Dasti has already managed to secure an MBA admission from the Univ of Michigan, which now officially places me and my MBA institute low down in the list of also rans, so much for the great indian education system.

Next year it'll be ten years since we all first met. Its funny, how we motley crew of friends, the perennial underacheivers and the couldn't care less brigade sans the attitude, whose only appreciable though not laudable acheivement was to be able to down cups after cups of that bland 'Buddhi ka moot'(Buddhi btw was the emaciated, bow backed, grumpy tea stall owner at moti's campus), and wonder when is it that we would get laid, manage accomplishments that could be looked upon wih admiration.

Fundu is a much hyped and abused term, hyped and glorified to the extent that one would not want to be associated with the term fearing the burden of expectation. Bhatti was right about the fundus. Being a fundu is simple, just have your fundamentals right. You don't need to be sharp and on the edge all the time, in the long run you'd have proven yourself.

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