Wednesday, December 10, 2008


Is a splendid country with miles and miles of a coastline. The entire country is a coastline. And has some awesome beaches. Just as awesome as the ones in Goa and Kovalam, although with fewer people. Much fewer people. So when I ended up in Colombo last week, with "Important" work to do, I had much less time for less important work. Like visiting the beaches. Luckily I was put up a quarter of a kilometer away from the Mount Lavinia beach.

The only pictures of SriLanka I have now are the early morning snaps of the beach. Unfortunately they look just like the early morning snaps I have of other beaches I visited. Very similar too to some mobile screensavers including my father in laws. The only difference maybe the fewer people on the beaches in SriLanka compared to say Goa. But that may be because its early morning and SriLankans don't jog a lot. Few do. Few need to actually. SriLankans I must say are and exceptionally healthy collection of people. Maybe because of all the Indian food they eat and Indian music they dance to.

One learning from this trip is that first time foreign travellers from India should not have SriLanka on the top of their wish list. You might as well go to your local beach in the morning and click some pictures there, go home and have some sea food for lunch, and visit your nearest cinema hall for the latest hindi movie in the afternoon. You can do all this at home and avoid the air fare.

Some of the best beach pictures my wife and I don't have are the ones we took in Juhu beach with the favorite camera that we don't have. It sucks to lose your camera during your honeymoon.