Wednesday, June 06, 2012

Pink and Blue Spa

Its been a long time since I've written. I'd almost forgotten that I had a blog:)

But yeah, today I decided to try some credentials out and try and access my blog again. And voila success. Not sure what to write though. There is so much to update since I've last posted.

One of the biggest things we've done however is to start a spa in Bannerghatta Road, Bangalore. Its called Pink and Blue. We've got a website as well for it Its been a month and a half since we've started. In addition to the spa Soma also conducts hobby classes there. She teaches soap making, candle making, terracotta making and other hobby classes in a workshop that we converted out of a room in our spa. To be fair the workshop/classes are much more popular than the spa has been so far. However occasionally we've had decent responses for our spa services as well.

It'll probably be nice to track the progress of the spa and hobby classes through this blog, if of course I keep posting regularly. I intend to, honestly. I don't know if anybody reads this blog anymore though. If you do, please drop a note.

Also a request, if you have a blog or some other website, could you please link/refer to our website in someway. Desperate to get this into google search results. Its a very crude website right now though, I'm updating it in whatever time I get between meetings and work in office. But its a challenge to drive traffic to this, since we intend to use this website to market/book our spa services, hobby classes as well as sell some stuff (good stuff if I may say so myself) through this website.

I intend to write to see how that progresses as well.

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