Friday, October 01, 2004

My bad!

A: I’m sorry dude! About your pen, I really lost it. That’s true. I knew I would lose it, no pen of mine or somebody else’s stays with me for more than a week, half a day mostly, but I don’t care. I accept that as a universal truth. It always gives me a pleasant surprise to occasionally see a pen at my disposal. Getting back to your pen, you must have put in a lot of emotional attachment with it; an office stationary provided cheap free pen is something that doesn’t come by everyday. Oh wait it does, all you need is to walk up to C and ask him for one. Ya, ya I know. C is a sort of a retarded asshole, who gives you that look like he’s handing out some family heirloom of his. That’s precisely the reason I come to you to ask you to lend (?) me your pen. Hope you don’t wise up too soon.

S: I’m sorry dude! I didn’t laugh at your joke now. It was not even funny when you first said it an hour and a half ago. Why I pretended to like it then was that I can laugh at H’s reaction when you and U take Spiderman’s ass during lunch. He is the one that really cracks me up, every word that comes out of his mouth is precious.

B: I’m sorry dude! I have not done much work today. I have a splitting headache from yesterday’s debauchery and contrary to popular wisdom smoking is not helping the headache at all. By the way, keep up the good work.

Su: You remind me of my college days really. And it has nothing to do with your cheerfulness and bubbly character. I know you’d frown and say ‘What was that again?’ You actually remind me of B, who assumed she was beautiful because of the quality of opposition she had. Don’t get me wrong, you’re not bad looking. The triple I Tian is a lucky chap, he really is. He couldn’t have asked for anything better.

Finally, my slate is clean for the day!! I feel better already.