Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Surrender of Swat

Not satisfied with the imposition of the shariah in the Swat valley, the Taliban has extended its campaign to extend shariah to the rest of Pakistan. Pakistan, the land of the liberal muslim, whose electorate has rejected islamic parties in general elections, atleast till now. It will be interesting to observe whether the mostly silent, liberal muslim majority can hold fort against the fundamentalist minority intend on tarnishing reputations. Will there be further concessions, or a complete surrender, or will the great majority actually fight back to preserve what they hold dear.
What happened in Germany can well be repeated in Pakistan. A few Germans may have been fanatics, but the entire nation was complicit in what ensued. The world was brought to war. It will be fun to see how this drama plays out.

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Wednesday, April 01, 2009

Ajmal Kasab

Is the Shiv Sena affilaited to the Taliban/Pakistan? Or is Ajmal Kasab a Marathi Manoos?
Else why will the Shiv Sena help Kasab by delaying his trial? It just doesn't make sense. Earlier when even lawyers, who you know, were supposed to be educated and some even know the law, decided to refuse to defend terror suspects thereby either impairing the validity of their trials or delaying them indefinitely, you had to wonder what was going on. The legal system has also been compromised by terror sympathisers?

I doubt there has been a proper closure on any terror acts in the recent past. It was only last year that the 1994 blast accused were convicted. In others cases like Godhra, rest of Gujerat, Maligaon, Samjhauta express, IISC, 7/11 in Mumbai, Jaipur, Guwahati again and again, Bangalore, Delhi, Mumbai taj etc all we see are the common smokescreens. Foreign element allegations, a shameless SOS to uncle Sam, alleged police encounters, alleged this.. alleged that.. by the common suspects, political rallys by rightwing groups followed by a morality lesson, another debate on anti terror laws, another on police and intelligence incompetence, lawyer tamasha, legal hurdles and finally tragic apathy on the case, the victims and the victim families by various state institutions.

Maybe we should be invoking the right to information act on the progress on terror cases. One feels that the state is going cold on cases once the initial public outcry subsides.