Thursday, July 28, 2005

A square meal!

The other day I came across the movie 'Office Space' where a character comes up with the most crazy product notion. He conceives the 'Jump to conclusion mat'. Actually it is a simple mat with 'Conclusions' written all over it, and the owner of this mat can jump onto it. A 'Jump to Conclusions' mat.
I was wondering on the same lines and tried to come up with the entire breakfast line which I would package as the 'square meal' with specially made square plates.
We'd have a Jam called 'Faith' so you could Spread the Faith onto your bread. The breakfast could be called 'Justice' so mothers could announce 'Justice will be served' in the mornings. Milk could be packaged as 'Truth' and so you could answer to anybody who cares to ask, that you are having nothing but 'Truth' and 'Justice'. Mothers could also ask their wards to have their 'Truth' with a grain of salt.
Sugar and fat free breakfasts could be marketed as 'Dive' instead of 'Justice', so diabetics and skinny girls could be asked to take a 'Dive'.
Leftovers and discards from the meal should be called the 'Upper hand'. It would be fun to watch street dogs and cats fighting for the 'Upper hand'.
Looks like a revolutionary idea!



Blogger i-me-moi said...

Brilliant! You should be into conceptualizing for films and ad campaigns :-)

5:10 PM  
Blogger Here's looking at you kid! said...

lol. Me constantly on the lookout for new professions after proving myself totally incompetent in the current ones.

5:25 PM  
Blogger vijaydinanathchauhan said...

fundu cheta fundu.

8:34 PM  

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