Thursday, June 23, 2005

Just another day

Oh aaj mausam bada be-i-maan hai!
Aane waala koi toofan hai!
Just when you are planning to hang up your gloves for the day, up comes S asking you to complete that proposal we decided to shelve for a week yesterday. Deadlines like this are worse than that at B. And that was MBA, this is you know.. the actual thing. But S is somebody I admire for his own ability to create something out of nothing. And the guy has vision. Yeah its possible for people to be foresighted.
Who I can't stand is the PL idiot. This org structure is not proper. I should not be made to report to idiots who can't track a fucking schedule. Assclown, if I was so interested in tracking and maintaining excel sheets you would have by now found yourself out of a job.
So now while you guys enjoy the weather out there, if you would kindly excuse me, I have some documents to attend to.

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Blogger Here's looking at you kid! said...

Did it buddy, but seems like N is parallel processing things at that end with little documentation and pure interpersonal skills. Back in August huh! Whats up with IB?

8:49 AM  

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