Monday, April 11, 2005

Looking for a guy named Charlie!

Dada told me about the uproar on the movie 'Tango Charlie' yesterday. Let me disclaim at the onset that I have not seen the movie yet. But since I would rather go on a date with Aishwarya Rai than see that movie, there is little possibility that an infinitesimal increment in the Bollywood coffers would be driven from my pocket. Although it has been my tendency to justify anything on the grounds of human folly, somehow this incident has irked me. Probably because I've had Bodo friends, and they come across as good civilised people, with certain quirkiness inherent in every community, but none have ever exhibited any nefarious design on my ears. And Bodo girls, like all other good girls, like attention, manipulation and gifts. But earlobes is stretching the imagination a little too far, even by Bollywood's standards.

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