Sunday, March 06, 2005

Latest stop Koromangala.

They say life has its ups and downs! Believe them. We shifted to our rented new house at Koromagala yesterday. To call it tiny may not be an understatement but will come close to it. The hall and the balcony of the previous house we stayed in would probably encircle our new home and leave an inch thick perimeter around. We are small people, nomadic in nature and indulge ourselves in smaller luxuries, so our belongings though not fewer are definitely smaller. We are small in number too, just Anupam and me. The place will work, definitely, provided we do not stretch our lifestyle.

Let's try to sit and make a comparasion of our new rented place with the one I lived in (alone mind you) earlier.

What we lose
We lose a bedroom and an additional bathroom, the balcony and the storeroom. Our new hall and bedroom could have been split from the larger bedroom we had earlier. The loss of an additional bathroom could be a problem in the mornings, dada takes an unusually long time in the bath thanks to his partiality to natural drying and his aversion to towels.
A complete market for everything under the sun that we could probably need right now.
A group of very friendly shopkeepers who waste no oppurtunity of knowing you more and so generously keep inviting you over to their shops.
Imagine a beautiful, well maintained park right infront of your balcony brightly lit up in the evenings, sending sweet fragrances all around and engulfing the entire neighbourhood in quiet serenity. For us it was a reality.

What we retain
The terrace completely at our disposal and a huge fig tree providing shade to part of it.
An uninterfering but helpful family of landlords. The new family is larger and older demographically, and have a dog which is a major couse of irritation for dada.

What we gain
A residence that is near to both our offices and one which is not just near to, but actually smack in the middle of the new hub of city life.
A lot of expenditure that could now be converted from rent into other indulgences.

The great thing is that I will be living with family after close to 9 years of indulgent independent living around the country as both a student and a professional. Maybe finally I'll regain my sanity. I have close to disappeared from the face of the earth for most my earlier friends I possibly can, although Joe so touchingly managed to track me down yesterday. I am growing old, I should try to grow up as well.



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