Friday, September 10, 2004


This week was the fourth time I saw that movie, and I can't remember any other movie that I hung on to everyword that was spoken, probably Shawshank redemption, but not many. And I have seen a lot of movies. There have been other classics but Casablanca is something else, every character has something significant to contribute to the flavour of the movie, every dialogue is memorable, every scene has a near perfect setting and relevance, and every song Sam sings makes we want to reach over for that mug of beer (Goddamn I need more).

There is a strange reluctance in all the main characters in the movie, the reluctance of Rick and Elsa to exhibit the feelings they still retain for each other even though the chemistry burns the screen, the reluctance of Lazzlo to acknowledge personal problems and to refuse to allow them to come in the way of his loftier mission or to show any emotion, or Louis who would only observe but would not be observed until he exhibits the hero in himself in the end and viewers never look at him the same way again in subsequent viewings.

And what about the subtleness in the entire movie, everything is simmering underneath, be it the passion and anger Rick has for Elsa, the insecurity Lazzlo feels about his future and Elsa, the hatred the French feel for the Germans, hell even the Germans are refined and well behaved.

You played it for her Sam, now play it for me... The fact that sometimes destiny kicks you when you are just recovering from the end of a beautiful fiendship and trying to get on with it, leaving you to grope around and find another support to get back on your feet and then maybe, just maybe, you end up a better man than you ended up the last time.

I'm meandering, and I guess words cannot do justice to the essence or beauty of the movie, especially my words... What I know is that I will repeat to myself that famous line never actually spoken in the movie 'Play it again Sam', and watch this movie many more times as time goes by

Here's looking at you kid!



Blogger vijaydinanathchauhan said...

what better start than an "ode to casablanca".
how about an "ode to audrey hepburn" to keep up the good work ;-)

12:37 PM  
Blogger Neo said...

"I can't remember any other movie that I hung on to everyword that was spoken, probably Shawshank redemption" ... i got three words for you Bigger, Longer, Uncut... three months without cartman wisecracks can be hard for any fan, and you'd probably know the one word he'd say on reading this. Nevertheless i hope this is not the end of ur "beautiful fiendship" with blogging and on reading this myself and probably anyone else (who read this) would encourage you to continue on this road...

Cartman: That movie has warped my fragile little mind!

11:18 AM  

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