Wednesday, March 23, 2005

Almost my type

Just to let you know, I've avoided that free fall:).

Have you ever met a girl who's almost the girl you were looking for in your dreams? Almost, but not just quite because of a minor conflict of interest??

'Is the bus always this crowded?'
'Usually it's more'.
Awkward silence ensues.. till
'You're Khasi?'
'No. You?'
'No..... You don't look like one too.' with a feeble attempt at a smile.
'Neither do you' broad smile...

Turns out we're from the same batch, different schools and have friends, rather acquaintances in common. Thereoon we have so much to talk about, on the way to the university. When you are travelling in a bus on a hill station with winding roads, there is bound to be swaying, but i can swear there was no discomfort in either of us generally expected in strangers.

Asked her to have lunch with me at the end of the bus ride, and she agreed. We met again after I did what i came to do in the university. It was too early for lunch. So we walked and walked, across one of the most beautiful campus in the country. And then we walked some more.

'Why do you think I should get married?'
'Because you're my age, which is ....' awkward pause
'No, why?'
'Because you need somebody to take care of you and all that..'
'I can take care of myself. Besides my parents will take care of me and I of them'.
Smiles all around.

We went to town for lunch in a cramped up cab. No discomfort again. She treated me. I felt like an ass, she being still a student, and me working. Lots of discomfort here but she would not have it any other way, and I just did not want to argue. Family in the next table. Baby screaming.
'That's another problem with marriage'.
Can't believe it. We're soulmates. 'Yeah that's a problem allright'.
'I like kids though, other people's kids'... cute mischevious smile.
'Well I can't stand them in general'.. attempt at a sheepish grin.

I have her number and she my mail id. Doubt we'll try to contact each other though. Sometimes it's more enjoyable to look back at things and wonder 'What if?'.

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

Oh yes! we did contact each other and guess what, we're great buddies now. Sam is one of the few best things that happened to me. I can say this because what I discovered in these few months of our interaction is that he's a great guy with huge moral and intellectual possessions and yet so humble and sweet. Lucky me, that he considers me his close friend. I am generally skeptical about being friends with strangers but I sort of acquired my comfort zone with him at the very first meeting, it came without any effort, strange for me!
He mentions that we have minor conflicts of interests but I tell you, we have a whole lot of differences in our likes and dislikes and even in our personalities. To mention a few, he's a business professional while I am from scientific research background, he's been among toppers in his academics while I can be placed in the below average category, he's a focused person while I am an absolute drifter, he loves sports and I am kind of averse to it, he loves reading while I am least interested in it, he likes rocks and blues while I prefer to lend a ear to soft numbers, he's a TV and movie buff and I am least interested in that as well, I love to travel but he isn't keen enough about it, I love chocolates and he likes cigarettes:) his favorite colour is green, Ugh! There are loads of differences in our tastes, the similarities are almost nix in comparison to our contrasts. Despite hardly any common interest, we have so much to talk about. You won't believe, in these 6 months we've exchanged not hundreds but thousands of mails (drivels mostly). Guess we both are great at getting something out of nothing, that’s quite a talent, isn't it? And that’s even something common between us. We can talk for hours on nothings, we squabble like kids at times, I like to argue with him too but seriously, I've learnt a lot from him, wish we had met earlier, then my outlook towards life would have probably been slightly different, but never mind, we were destined to meet now and better late than never as they say. This friendship means a lot to me, thanks for everything Sam.
Love u.

7:46 PM  
Anonymous tina said...

so thats how u met ... :D

3:20 PM  

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