Friday, April 08, 2005

Boot Camp for Amateur Kissers

"A kiss can be a comma, a question mark or an exclamation point."

A comma will indicate that there is more to follow, paragraphs in fact, harbinger to tales of the delightful amorous kind. There will be a kind of connection between the author and the reader which can only be expected in lovers, which they already are or galloping towards being.

But hold on, the others are actually better. Take a kiss that is like a question mark for example. An unexpected out of the blue kiss. One which will propel you in orbiting speed out of the blues, if you happen to be in such a disposition at that moment. A sudden, refreshing and rejuvenating peck on the cheek, from the sweetest and hopefully cutest friend, while you are demoralizing all around you with your constant ranting. Demoralizing all actually, other than her.

A kiss that is like an exclamation point is the third best thing following an orgasm, and taking a dump. Further elaboration is unwarranted.

Sadly my first kiss turned out to be a full stop.

A and I were great friends, and her lips were of the succulent kind. The eye-catching succulent kind. Suffice to say that next to Angelina Jolie’s no other lips attracted me such. The build up to the kiss was the type that could only be dreamt about. This was partly due to the fact that this was my first kiss and I dreamt about it a lot. The follow-up was however an anti-climax.

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Anonymous Tina said...

:) some analysis on kisses i must say!!!! Nice...

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