Monday, June 20, 2005

Sporty weekend

The Australian team is all about habit. First they had this winning habit, then the habit of spitting crap about all and sundry, and now would you believe it.. the losing habit. Now I've started feeling that there is some justice in Michael Holding's 'In the long run it all balances out.'
Amidst the jokes on the Royal Bengal Tigers all migrating to the Indian side of the sunderbans (thus making Bangladeshi tigers a misnomer) and Bangladeshis migrating to India leaving Tapas Baisya the only living creature who migrated (conjecture) from Assam to Bangladesh in search of cricketing glory, and amidst a lengthy explanation of how probably three runs is the epitome of bad cricket all around, what my brother and I almost missed is that we saw history being made. Bangladesh deservingly beat Australia in a well competed match.
Another historic event, even though probably not of the same magnitude as the Bangladesh Australia result, was Japan, the current Asian champs defeating Greece, the current European champs in an embarassingly one sided match. This weekend was a bonanza of good football dampened only by the likes of Subhash Bhowmick and a bunch of hindi jokers aka commentators psuedo-analyzing the tactics of teams and commenting on the quality of the games. Having lost to Pakistan by three goals, the only football related activity Indians should be allowed to do is shutup and watch.
Montiero sharing the podium, the first time for Jordan I think, was another shocker. Poor Karthikeyan, coming in a close fourth just one lap behind Schumacher. It was probably the first time Jordan and Minardi were looking at their machines, or at least at their tyres and smiling.
Quality time I tell you, quality time.



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