Tuesday, July 19, 2005


The Licensed International Financial Analyst Program is an international financial certification program. It is a series of three exams, with each exam taken successively. The exams are the GRE type of online exams with some seven finance sections and one section on ethical business (have to countercheck). In case you already are an MBA, CA, PHd etc, you could opt out of the first two exams and sit only for the third stage. You could visit http://www.the-ira.org/ for more information.
It is a new certification program and so LIFA is offering a fee waiver scheme for some initial applicants. To enrol yourself for the fee waiver program visit this link http://www.the-ira.org/scholarship/waiver.php?ct=16&r=46930. If you can avail the fee waiver option, and you are eligible to skip the first two stages, you pay some 3k (rupees of course) max for an international finance analyst certification, which I thought is a risk worth taking, so personally I enrolled for the course.
As I already said, its a new certification program so I cannot vouche for its industry acceptance, but its definitely worth a look.
Sam (Disclaimer: It looks authentic, thats all I can say.)



Anonymous Anonymous said...

LIFA is a scam. Don't take it. Do a search on the Internet about it.

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