Saturday, June 25, 2005

Hunky Dory

I've played in every position. Kept goals, scored goals, prevented people from scoring goals, helped people score goals. It's probably the only thing I do well. My favorite team is Barcelona and sometimes I wish I was born in Brazil. They say angels send their wanton daughters to Brazil for vacations.
Haven't played the game for quite soemtime though. Haven't done many things I earlier enjoyed for quite some time actually. Did onething today though. Pigged out on channa/boot during lunch like I used to when ma used to cook it during my school days. Feeling better these days for no apparant reason.
Went to Styx yesterday. Found out that I am probably growing old. The souls of the dead apparently like grunge metal. I swear Purple Haze is the place for people long in the tooth like I. I should have guessed the first time I saw VH1 playing a song I remember being released in their retropicks. Still enjoyed a lot at Styx despite the music. Would have headbanged had my head not been already spinning with the beer.



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